A Message to our Extended Elkay Family.


DOWNERS GROVE, IL - June 9, 2020: The events of the past few days have been extremely difficult to watch and experience. What happened to George Floyd in Minneapolis was criminal. It was wrong. The horrific incident and the righteous anger and unrest that followed give voice to unspeakable pain and a great sense of injustice that exists in our society right now.

Elkay fully supports those who are peacefully expressing their passion for achieving equal justice. We know that participating in peaceful protests and demonstrations is one way that some employees have shown their support for communities of color this past week, and we salute these legal efforts to assemble and be heard and to bring about positive change. As you are likely aware, we have a long-standing commitment to the communities where we live and work and to helping remove barriers so that more of our neighbors can succeed. We are committed to continuing in this endeavor, and to helping our communities heal.

Elkay condemns racism, discrimination, and social injustice of any kind.
One of our most fundamental values is that our Strength is in our People. When we say this, we mean ALL of our people – regardless of race, color, creed, ability, or gender — the incredibly diverse universe of unique and wonderful people that make up our extended Elkay family. 

We firmly believe that as it is for our company, so it is for America as a whole –

Our Strength is in Our People.

During this challenging time, with so many voices across our fractured public square raised in anger, our first priority is your safety. Please remember, each of you is a critical part of the Elkay family, and we are committed to providing a work environment where each member of our team feels safe, respected, and valued.

Beyond the current pain and unrest, one thing that is apparent in our country right now is that we must do more to understand and hear diverse perspectives – in our communities and our workplace.

We need to care for one another.
It is an unequal world in which we live – and each of us living in it are imperfect. But by talking, by sharing, and by respectfully hearing each other – hopefully, we can strengthen our humanity and build a greater sense of empathy towards one another. So, let us start by empathizing a little more today. A little more this week. Let’s stretch our hearts to their greatest capacity – to recognize, honor, and listen to the diverse voices amongst us.

For those that want to discuss this topic with leadership, to share how you are feeling or thoughts you have on how we can do better as a company, please reach out to human resources, your manager, or any other member of our leadership team. 

Sending you comfort and peace,

Elkay’s Global Leadership Team

Employment-related decisions are always made without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability status, veteran status, or other protected characteristics. We are governed by integrity and strong values. You can see this not only in how we run our business but in the people who choose to become a part of our team.


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