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Digney York Associates was launched by Jay Weiss and a partner in 1985, as a company exclusively focused on meeting guest room renovation needs of hoteliers. From an early specialty in carpet, millwork, furniture and fixtures, Digney York has continued to grow and expand the installation and service offerings to achieve General Contractor licensing and certifications throughout the United States.

Under Jay’s leadership and guidance, Digney York Associates became one of the premier hotel guest room renovation contractors by the early 1990s.

Prior to Digney York, Jay was an executive with United Technologies Corporation, responsible for more than 300 employees and millions of dollars in revenue for the venerable conglomerate. Jay’s decision to leave the corporate world behind and start up a new venture in an unchartered business segment (hotel guest room renovation services) not only succeeded, but with dedication, vision, and leadership, Digney York redefined how hoteliers manage their room renovation strategies.

Today Digney York Associates is known as the category leader, among the world’s most recognized hoteliers, having completed hundreds of millions of dollars in efficient and high quality renovation projects during the course of the past 23 years.

Jay earned a degree in finance and marketing at Ohio State University and a MBA from Syracuse University.