People Hallie Harper


Project Manager

Hallie joined Digney York in 2018 as an Assistant Project Manager. She has previous experience in high-end residential and oilfield construction and has welcomed the challenge of coordinating hospitality renovation projects.  Hallie works closely with clients, design teams, subcontractors, and the DYA project team to ensure a successful project. She feels that communication among all parties is a crucial part of this success.

After graduating from the University of Colorado with a degree in Finance, Hallie began her career in oilfield construction, working in the Accounting & HR department. Seeking a change of scenery, Hallie moved to San Diego, CA, and began working in high-end residential construction. While in San Diego, Hallie worked as Office and Accounting Manager, Assistant Project Engineer, and Office Administrator, allowing her to be a part of all parts of a project.