People Carolyn Brady


Project Executive

Knowledge is one of the keywords that describe Carolyn Brady’s prolific career in construction over the past twenty-six years. That, and a knack for bringing out the best in a team.

As Project Manager, Carolyn has managed the construction of projects across a wide spectrum of scope and budgets. Hotel renovation is the niche that fits her best. “I thrive on the challenge of creating a flexible and invisible construction site. It’s fascinating to be working on a major construction project with the stealth and creativity that hotel renovation requires,” she said.

With professional development a continuing passion, Carolyn has completed coursework in everything from software programs for professional construction scheduling and estimating to Blueprint Reading to CPR. “I love to learn and I’m not afraid to ask questions,” said Carolyn, “When I first started as a laborer, I asked questions that others wouldn’t ask for fear they should already know the answer. I learned everything about buildings, construction, and how things work from knowledgeable professionals.”

Attending college on a track scholarship, Carolyn learned early on that teamwork was the key to success. That background has served her well as she progressed from a laborer, on her first job site, to Site Foreman to Field Superintendent to Project Manager with responsibility for everything on the job from building a team of experts to developing construction plans and specifications that meet the customers’ goals and needs. Knowledge and team leadership: the skills Ms. Brady delivers to Digney York’s customers.